Bandsaw Blade Tension Gauge

Production and sale of bandsaw tension gauge for bandsaw machines.

Tensiometer is used to accurately measure the tensile strength of machines with metal blade cutters.

Very often the workers in the workshops overstretch the blades of the machines, which leads to their popping
and tearing! The opposite situation often happens, the blades are too loose, which leads to
instability of the blade and crooked cutting of the material.
With the help of this device it is easy and convenient to control the tension of the bladess, so you will not break
often blades and will improve the quality of cutting the material.

Bandsaw Tension Gauge info:

  • Can be used for woodworking machines, metal cutting, cutting fabrics, foam, etc.
  • It is made of technical plastic to be as light and strong as possible.
  • Large gripping distance between two points for more accurate measurement!
  • Indicator color scale of choice! It can be in: kg / psi / or combined.
  • Distinctive body color to be easily noticed if workers lose it in the workshop.
  • Storage box made of thick cardboard, lined inside with soft foam. To be healthy and light at International Transport.
  • Detailed and clear operating instructions placed inside the box.
  • The instructions contain tables with recommended tensile values ​​for different types of machines
    for wood and metal. In other words is possible that the blades you use have specified tensile values ​​from the specific one
    manufacturer of your blades.

Metal cutting saw blade tensioning:

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