Bandsaw Alignment Gauge

Powerful and precise laser device for an easy and super-precise convergence check of bandsaws and circular machines.

Bandsaw alignment gauge for bandsaws machines attaches to the blade (or circular disc) and emits a strong laser beam. By means of this beam it is possible to instantly see whether the blade is twisted against the rails of the wagon. Quite often the blade twist is large and easily noticeable with the device just by eye. A two-point measurement using a tape measure against the guide rail and laser beam is used for precise checking. The measured distance must be the same!

Video showing bandsaw blade twist check against rails. The machine operator is a bit musical 🙂

The video below and photos show a quick and visual inspection of the blade plane of the big band saw machine currently being installed and put into operation. A line measurement is used between the laser beam and the carriage guide rail for a final super accurate check and alignment.

The construction and base of the device is specific, which allows it to be attached in the necessary precise way to the blade or circular disc!

No DIY attempts with theodolites and the like will achieve the required accuracy!!!

1. 3D printed housing made of technical plastic.

2. Powerful laser diode with self-cooling for long hours of operation.

3. Quality powerful rechargeable Li-ion battery for extended operation (Panasonic, LG or Sanyo).

4. Built-in BMS board for battery control.

5. Specific base for self-locking and super-precise alignment on the blade or circular disc.

6.External charging adapter or USB charging option.

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