Digital Bandsaw Blade Set Checker

Production and sale of professional bandsaw blade set checker.

Device for fast, precise and visual measurement of bandsaw blade set.

The body is made of extremely strong – elastic, technical plastic, which does not allow damage
easy to hit or drop on the ground. The plastic body contributes to being extremely light
the specially shaped hand grip helps the natural grip and use of the device.

  • Made of extremely strong plastic.
  • Light and comfortable to work with.
  • Elongated hardened jaws – 60 mm. / 2.3622 inches.
    Which allows working with both small blades and large blades.
  • Digital display for easy reading.
  • Self-turn off after 5 minutes
  • Can measure in mm. and inches.
  • It can be zeroed on its own jaws, which is a real 0. Or zero in on the thickness on the bandsaw blade and so to measure only blade set, without the thickness of the blade.
  • Measures left and right set without having to rotate around the blade.
  • Sturdy and lightweight storage box made of thick cardboard, lined on the inside with soft foam.
  • Detailed and clear operating instructions placed inside the box.
  • Easy to replace battery.
  • Green pleasant color for eye relaxation and more precise work with the device.
  • Maximum measuring thickness 5 mm. / 0.1968inch.
  • Maximum allowable (recommended) height of the measured set on the blade 32 mm. / 1.2598incha.

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