Bandsaw Blade Sharpener

Sawmill Blade Sharpener


The sharpening machine is produced on request!
It is possible to come up with specific customer requirements!

All moving parts and assemblies use bearings, no bushings assemblies. This makes the sharpening machine extremely robust and reliable. It is suitable for amateur needs as well as for very busy woodworking factories.The stack on which the sharpening machine is mounted is the customer’s choice.


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Sharpen all types of blades with a normal and horizontal tooth profile.

Steps: from 0 to 35 mm (8/10/12.5 /16/20/22/25/30/35t).

Blade width from: 30mm up to 150mm.

Water cooling.

Diode lighting (option)

Three sharpening speeds.

Abrasive disc f200mm.