Pendulum Cross-Cut Saw

Cross-Cut Machine for

beams, planks, shutters, sleepers and others.

Cros Cut Pendulum MachinePendulum For Edging Wood Beams PlanksEdging Crosscut Saw MachinePendulum Cross-Cutting Machine

The machine is manufactured only upon prior request and deposit.

The machine is large and massive, designed for trouble-free operation at heavy loads, both in small workshops and large heavy-duty ones. The head of the machine is at 12pcs. bearings that are hinged on conical eccentrics, allowing easy and precise guidance of the saw without any slots. The machine is precisely centered and calculated, allowing you to effortlessly end the beams to the maximum values ​​listed below. NSK JAPAN quality bearings are used in the machine design.

Circular disk from ф400 to ф600 (not included in the price)

Maximum Cutting Thickness 250mm.

Maximum cutting length 450mm.

Working table height 850mm. (standard) can be customized.

Wood Cross Cut Machine On RequestWood Cross Cut Saw MachineSaw For Cut Wood Beams Planks Radial Cross Cut PendulumPendulum For BeamsCross-Cut Pendulum Machine


gsm-0899239006 – Nikolay

gsm-0898608475 – Krum


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