Bandsaw Blade Protractor

Bandsaw Blade Protractor made of stainless steel. Double scale, which is conveniently and visually redesigned for the specific needs when measuring the front and rear angle of sharpening of the band blades. In addition, on the scale itself are written three recommended degrees for sharpening blades for: soft, hard and frozen wood + universal degree suitable for both soft and hardwood splitting.

The device has a convenient and reliable storage box.

Inside the box there is a detailed table with the most common degrees for sharpening band saw blades, both according to the hardness of the wood, according to the season of the year, and according to the power of the bandsaw.

Here is a good example of how useful this blade angle meter is. The photo below was taken on December 2, 2021. in the town of Dospat. The sharpening machine in the photo is new – Turkish, 2021. produced and purchased. The scale of the grinder shows a sharpening angle of 18 ° and in fact the real angle of the sharpened tooth is 11 °. This difference is due to the wear of the front edge-edge of the sharpening disc, which is mounted on the grinder. Sharperman thinks that he sharpens the blades with a large angle of attack of 18 °, suitable for soft wood and high-speed cutting, but in fact his blades come out sharpened with 11 ° universal angle for hard and soft wood. The difference is quite big …

That is why this basic device is very suitable for possession by any self-respecting sharpener or just a beginner in sharpening band saws.

Bandsaw Blade Protraktor
Estimated and real angle

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