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KUBOL You Tube channel

Machine test before painting. Our machine can restore blades that are badly damaged by other machines in woodworking shops. 90% of grinding machines in workshops are not capable of this!

We do not test our machines with new blades! Such tests show nothing! We test our machines with badly damaged blades brought to us for sharpening from other factories. Just carefully look at the clip from the beginning how badly the blade is damaged, straight for disposal. After 30-40 min. sharpening the blade is like new, even better sharpened than some new blades sold by various dealers. Finally, listen to how evenly the machine passes through the places where there were initially badly damaged teeth. Mass grinders, even branded ones, are NOT capable of such a thing, they are just brightly painted or 500 kilograms of iron with a brand name. FYI: ours weighs 140 kilos

Принтиране на 3D част за телескоп по заявка.

Ремонт на точиларка за циркулярни дискове
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